Iran Clinker Stats

Above 17.5 million tons of cement and clinker were exported from Iran in the past Iranian calendar year ending March 2021 and
according to Eghtesadonline. This figure registered a 32-percent rise compared with the previous year.
according to Abdolreza Sheikhan,head of Iran’s Cement Employers Association.
Cement accounted for 6.7 million tons and clinker for 10.8 million tons of the total sum, Sheikhan added.
Our main export destinations over the period were Iraq,Kuwait,China,Bangladesh,India, the littoral states of the Gulf and Central Asian countries, he said.
A sum of 60.3 million tons of cement and 66 million tons of clinker manufactured in Iran last year shows a 9 percent and 6.9-percent growth year on year respectively, the official noted.
According to him,  Iran is the sixth biggest exporter of cement chain products in the world.
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