Due to its proximity to the Persian Gulf, which is one of the largest bays in the world, the south of the country has important commercial ports.
The number of ports in the south of Iran is more than the ports in the north of the country and is very important because most of the country’s exports and imports are carried out through the ports in the south of the country.


Bandar Shahid Rajaei:
It is considered one of the most strategic ports in Iran, this port with an area of more than 2400 hectares is located 23 kilometers west of Bandar Abbas, the capital of Hormozgan province, the special economic zone of Shahid Rajaei port has the largest and most advanced container terminals in the country and 90% of goods Containers of the country, 70% of transit, and 55% of exports and imports of the country’s ports move from this port, and it has maritime relations and exchange of goods with 80 famous international ports and 21 liner shipping lines, supporting more than a third of Iran’s maritime trade. has the capacity to receive more than 88 million tons of goods annually.
Advantages and unique features of Shahid Rajaei port:
The presence of water, electricity, telephone, IT networks and surface water disposal system
The possibility of optimal use of domestic and international maritime, railway and road communication network.
Access to open waters and maximum use of the advantages of sea transportation
Proximity to the main production, industrial and petrochemical centers and hubs of the country
The possibility of using credit and banking facilities
Existence of dedicated terminals, fuel transit and banking, container, general and petroleum products and materials and minerals.
Enjoying the privileges of special economic zones