Economic Development

Our country is rich in natural and mineral resources and has been able to enjoy a relatively good position by producing and exporting products in the world, especially in the Middle East.

This will increase employment and decrease the unemployment rate in the country.

In the business world of Iran, there are many producers who either do not export or the amount of their exports is not proportional to their production capacity.



Ignorance, self-deprecation, short-sightedness, fear or unnecessary precautions can be the main reasons for the reluctance of businesses to export their goods and products.

Economists consider the increase in exports to be the cause of new job opportunities and economic growth.

The most important benefit of exporting is increasing liquidity and it is one of the most important benefits for the exporter.

Exporting can expand the circle of communication and thus create a competitive market and convey a better understanding of global markets and their cultures.

Also, export can help to increase the income from sales and create variety and competition in sales markets.