Gypsum: One of the Main Raw Materials in Construction

Gypsum: One of the Main Raw Materials in Construction

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AzinTrade specializes in trading various types of gypsum, a versatile mineral widely utilized in construction as plaster and alabaster. Gypsum plays a fundamental role in enhancing the aesthetic and functional aspects of buildings, making it indispensable for modern construction practices.

Gypsum Production Process

The production of gypsum involves several stages and methods aimed at transforming raw gypsum into valuable construction materials. These stages typically include blasting, transportation, chopping, sieving, cooking, dusting, milling, sieving again, storage, and loading. Each stage is crucial in ensuring the gypsum is processed efficiently and meets quality standards suitable for its intended applications.

Methods of Gypsum Production

In the gypsum industry, various production methods are employed, each with its advantages and disadvantages depending on the desired properties of the final product:
  1. Low Gypsum Curing System: This method involves curing gypsum with raw materials parallel to heat, optimizing the production process for specific applications.
  2. High Temperature Curing System: Here, materials move opposite to the heat flow during gypsum production, allowing for precise control over material properties.
  3. Dual Cylindrical Kilns System: Utilizing both top and bottom rotating cylindrical kilns, this method involves cooling and mixing to achieve desired gypsum characteristics.
  4. Double Gypsum Firing System: Combines gypsum baking with raw material additions in a low firing furnace, ensuring enhanced product quality.
  5. Double-Baked Gypsum Kiln System: This method utilizes a baking mill followed by transfer to a cylindrical rotary kiln for secondary firing, utilizing indirect heat.
  6. Composite Gypsum Curing System: Involves calcination and indirect heat airflow to produce gypsum with specific properties suitable for diverse applications.
  7. Baking Mill System: Directly involves the baking of gypsum in a mill setup, ensuring efficient production with controlled heating processes.
  8. Gas Conveyor System: Gypsum production through a conveyor gas system optimizes efficiency and ensures consistent quality in output.

Types of Gypsum Products

AzinTrade offers a variety of gypsum products tailored to meet the diverse needs of construction projects:
  • Construction Plasters: Essential for creating smooth and durable surfaces, ideal for interior finishing and decoration.
  • Alabaster: Used for artistic and decorative applications due to its translucency and fine texture.

Order from AzinTrade

AzinTrade provides high-quality gypsum rock and plaster products, sourced from reliable suppliers and manufacturers. Whether you require gypsum for large-scale construction projects or specialized applications, our range of products ensures you find the right solution for your needs.


Gypsum remains a cornerstone material in modern construction, valued for its versatility, durability, and aesthetic appeal. At AzinTrade, we are committed to supplying superior gypsum products that meet industry standards and exceed customer expectations. Contact us today to discover how our gypsum solutions can enhance your construction endeavors with reliability and efficiency.