Clinker price forecast in  2023

Clinker is an essential component in the production of cement, which is used in the construction industry. The price of clinker can have a significant impact on the cost of cement production, and therefore on the prices of construction materials.

Looking ahead to 2023, there are several factors that could influence the price of clinker. One of the most significant is the global demand for cement. If demand continues to increase, this could lead to higher prices for clinker, as producers seek to meet the needs of the market.


Another factor that could impact the price of clinker is the cost of energy. Clinker production is an energy-intensive process, and any increase in energy prices could raise the cost of producing clinker, which could in turn lead to higher prices for consumers.

Additionally, the availability of raw materials could also play a role in determining the price of clinker. If there are disruptions in the supply chain, such as a shortage of limestone or other necessary materials, this could lead to higher prices for clinker.

There are also several geopolitical factors that could affect the price of clinker. For example, political instability or trade disputes could disrupt supply chains, which could lead to higher prices for clinker.